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Q: What is 5th World Musics & Media and what is it all about?
A: You can read about us HERE. If you require more information you can always EMAIL us.

Q: Why does 5th World Musics & Media exist?
A: 5th World Musics & Media exists because we willed it into existence.

Q: I have a demo …
A: Ok, we have to stop you there. We don't accept demos, so don't even ask.

Q: What kind of equipment do you use?
A: We use everything from computers, standard instruments, things we make, and household items.

Q: I don't like your music and your Transmusic releases kind of scare me, is that normal?
A: Maybe we are just not for you. Please go HERE instead and have a wonderful day.

Q: My mom said Chuck is my biological father, is that true?
A: It's possible, the 90s were a blur. You should probably schedule a blood test.

Q: What's the deal with the Discogs website? I went on it and all your information is wrong.
A: That's a really long story that will get a page of its own at a later time. For now let's just say they're a bunch of whiney pricks who allow anyone with an internet connection to submit incorrect infomation and then refuse to remove said incorrect information after the fact and be done with it.

Q: Why doesn't Brian have as many releases as Chuck after year 2000? Did they get into a fight?
A: Yes, but that's beside the point. Brian has a wife and family. If you had a wife and family too you'd understand.

Q: My ass constantly hurts especially when I sit down. Is there anything I can do about it?
A: Sure, Walgreens sells THIS. It might help.

Q: Who the hell is Alan Smithee?
A: That's what's we'd like to know!

Q: A friend of my uncle's nephew's wife's best friend's massage therapist said that Chuck was mauled to death by a grizzly bear in Yosemite national park. Is that true?
A: Yes, he produces everything from beyond the grave. There are no grizzly bears in Yosemite, dumbass.

Q: What is the square route of 199,856?
A: 447.05256961569967

Q: Did Chuck or Brian play in any bands before forming Transmusic?
A: Brian did not. Chuck did and has boxes of tapes to prove it. They may, or may not, be released in the future. They're not that good, though. However, if you look real hard on this site, you might stumble on to a secret section (wink wink).

Q: I was reading on some site where a guy called “Ben Sinister” claims you stole the name from him. Is that true?
A: Chuck says sarcastically, “Yes, in 1998 I stole the name off some random knob who's done next to noting except putting up a crappy little website and making false accusations. Come on dude, get a clue.”

Q: Why can't I find hundreds of pictures of Chuck & Brian on this site like other bands put up on theirs?
A: Both Chuck & Brian agree that the music should come first and foremost. Music is an art form and should be represented as such. The minute you associate the art form with the artist you remove all magic the art form holds. Plus Chuck is just plain butt-ugly. Who wants to look at that?

Q: Chuck & Brian have such weird song titles. Where do they come up with them?
A: They buy them on Ebay or though Chinese wholesalers.

Q: Seriously, what are their favorite song titles?
A: Brian's favorite is "The Malaise Of The Lonely Lonely Man With The Spiky Spiky Brain" and Chuck's favorite is "Greely Milcus Finds Enlightenment Stuck To The Bottom Of His Shoe But Mistakes It For Dogshit And Scrapes It Off With A Stick."

Q: What is the sexiest thing a woman can do?
A: Chuck says wear a hockey jersey. Brian says read a book.