5th World Musics' humble beginnings started out as Transmusic in 1991 when Chuck Daar & Brian Smith recorded their first cassette of live improvised noise. Armed with a 4-track recorder, a bass, a bunch of effects, and a boxful of objects (including a stolen comic book rack) they proceeded to release roughly over 250+ releases on cassette, DAT, MiniDisc, and CD between 1991-1998.

In mid 1999 Brian moved to Seattle, WA and Transmusic died a slow and painless death. Chuck re-launched the new label 5th World Musics along with a (albeit brief) film production company as well as a book imprint.

In 2007 Chuck began reorganizing, remastering & re-releasing all Transmusic / 5th World Musics releases recorded prior to 2006. The project was finalized in April of 2010 with over 500+ titles in the 5th World catalog and Transmusic Archives.

In July of 2010 Chuck moved to The Woodlands, TX. He continues to release his music whenever he can and has licensed music in varied arenas. His music has been heard on The Oprah Winfrey Show, the theatrical trailer for Aliens In The Attic (as of yet unpaid – thanks MySpace!), The History Channel series Dogfights, the weekly religious show John Hagee Today, as well as notable TV shows like CSI: Miami, Criminal Minds, Body Of Proof, and Burn Notice.

In 2013 Chuck started Noisewerks as a sub-label of 5th World Musics keeping the same DIY spirit that began 22+ years ago with Transmusic. He still continues to play, record, master, and distribute all his recording as well as design all the artwork and CD layouts. He even designed this website.

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